Saturday, January 30, 2010


After my first hike in Towsley Canyon, I started looking for a hiking partner. I found out that a woman I used to work with, who is also retired, enjoyed hiking, so I contacted Sandi and asked if she would like to go hiking with me.

On April 10, 2008, we headed over to Towsley Canyon and started our 5.1 mile hike on the loop trail. We started out in a slightly wooded area and then came upon what is referred to as "The Narrows".

While in this deep narrow canyon, you can see fault formations and there is a small creek running along the canyon floor, which you cross back and forth a few times.

Once you are out of "The Narrows", you start the climb up the loop trail. It "snakes" along the sides of the mountain topping out at an elevation of approxmately 2200 feet. The views from this point are spectacular.

Next you start your descent down the mountain where you encounter steambeds and small tar pits bubbling up out of the ground. The trail then passes through a grove of oak trees and there is a small babbling creek running along side. The trail eventually brings you back out to the parking area.

While on the trail, you may encounter some turkey buzzards. We did! Plus there are a lot of lizards and watch out for snakes. Thank God we didn't run across any! It was springtime when we took this hike, so there were several species of wildflowers.

See Towsley Canyon Hike #1 for highlights and details on this hike.


  1. Beautiful, Kay... I love hiking --when there are different things to see along the way. The view from up there is fabulous...


  2. Kay thank you for coming to get me so I can view this hike!! If I could have travelled this year my hubby and I and friends who are waiting for us in AZ would have taken in a few challeinging hikes! Last year was my first year taking up this wonderful form of exercise!
    My highest was 2500 ft. almost killed me but I made it to the top!
    One of the aspects I enjoy besides the amazing scenery that you show but all the different species of birds and bugs and lizards and yes snakes too!
    Keep climbing..stay in touch..regards aNNa


Thanks for hiking along with me and Hiker.