Sunday, January 31, 2010


Right in the center of the city of Los Angeles is Griffith Park. Within Griffith Park is Fern Dell Park, a beautiful trail that follows a year-round stream up the mountain side.

You can do a short hike (which I did) or you can go all the way to the top where the Griffith Observatory is.

The lower part of the trail is very lush with native as well as non-native plants. Once you've gone past the main area of the park, the trail starts to climb and is very steep in some places.

When on the lower part of the trail, it's hard to believe that you are in the city.
If you take the upper trail, you will see spectacular views of the city and if it's a really clear day, you can see all the way to Long Beach and Catalina Island.

Highlights: Beautiful views of Los Angeles and beyond. Views of the Griffith Observatory. Ferns and other tropical plants.

Near: Hollywood, CA/Glendale, CA
Distance: Lower trail is about 1 mile one-way.
Hike Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on how long you sit and enjoy the view.
Difficulty: Easy
Trail Condition: Well Maintained Trail
Hike Type: Out and Back

Trailhead: From Interstate 5, head west on Los Feliz. Turn north on Fern Dell Drive.

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  1. Sometimes the city parks are nicer than other parks in more rural areas. There's a park with a huge waterfall right in downtown Greenville, SC.. You'd never know you were in a city!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a beautiful place to hike.


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