Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hiking Around Quigley Open Space - Santa Clarita, CA

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful. I was around 70 degrees with blue skies and sunshine. There was some wind, but it wasn't so bad as to ruin a nice hike.

Took my dog Hiker over to Quigley Open Space in Newhall, CA, in the Santa Clarita Valley of SoCal.

As I mentioned, it was a beautiful afternoon.

Quigley Open Space is tucked back in Placerita Canyon and is a nice place to Hike if you want something that is not strenuous.

We didn't hike up into the hills this time, but stayed on the loop trails that encircle the meadow. Everything is very green right now because we did have some rain, but in a few weeks, it will all start to burn off and turn brown as it always does here in SoCal.

There were a few wildflowers blooming. Mostly Blue Dick, and there were some California Poppies growing on the hillsides.

Hiker really seemed to be enjoying the hike. She was sniffing everything.