Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Chilly Morning Hike At Devil's Punch Bowl

My brother Keith is visiting me for a few days. He had never been to the Devil's Punch Bowl out in Pearblossom, CA so I decided that this visit, I'd take him out there. We also invited my neighbor Jean who is also my dog Hiker's groomer. We've been having some very cold mornings here in SoCal and it was only around 25 deg. when we headed up to the Punch Bowl. It is at an elevation of over 4700 feet, so there was snow in the mountain around the county park.

We headed out on the canyon loop trail which takes you down to the bottom of the Punch Bowl...about a 300 foot decline in elevation.

There are some really great views from the trail.

We got pretty close to the bottom of the canyon and looked back up at the visitor center on the rim.

So we decided to head back up the trail.

Once we got back on top, we checked out the owls that are on display. This Great Horned Owl and my dog Hiker did not take their eyes off of each other.

We sat down on a bench near the edge of the Devil's Punch Bowl and enjoyed the scenery before heading home.

That's me and Hiker on the left, my brother Keith in the middle and my neighbor Jean on the right.