Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Hike With Hiker And My Brother Keith

My brother Keith was visiting Hiker and me last weekend. On Sunday, we did a 2 mile hike in Elsmere Canyon in the Santa Clarita Valley.

We took the Creek Trail. There is no water in the creek because we have not had any rain for a long time, but there is still some really cool scenery in this canyon.

There are groves of coastal oak trees and some really fantastic cliffs that run across the southwest side of the canyon.

We noticed a huge cave up on one of the cliffs, but there was no way to climb up there.

Here is me and Hiker along the trail

Here is my brother Keith standing in front of some gigantic rocks that had falling down the mountain-side

The Creek Trail is a very easy trail to hike. The Loop Trail that goes up the mountain is very narrow land very steep.

Below is a link with more information about the Elsmere Canyon:

Hike Santa Clarita - Elsmere Canyon