Thursday, January 28, 2010


I live in The Santa Clarita Valley in southern California.
There are several hiking trails and nature areas around our valley. In the summer, it is too hot to go hiking, but during the winter, spring and fall, the weather is perfect. Several of the trails follow wet-weather creeks and end at waterfalls. Several of them have oak groves and grassy fields. In the springtime, there are wildflowers all over the trails. A few of the trails even have "tar-pits" where oil bubbles up out of the ground to the surface.
I am an amateur photographer, so I combine my love of hiking and taking photos.
I am 60 years old and enjoyed hiking when I was a teen. After I started working, I stopped hiking for many years, until I retired. Now I try to get out when the weather permits. I usually hike alone. I used to have a friend who would hike with me, but she hurt her back and cannot hike now. My brother hikes with me when he comes to visit. If I could find a group of seniors that hike in my area, I might join them.
In this blog, I will share some of my photos with you and I will share information about the areas I hike.
I will start with my latest hike, but I will also tell you about past hikes I've been on.
I hope you will enjoy this blog and will follow it.

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