Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Hike In Placerita Canyon

I hike Placerita Canyon a lot. Probably because it is the closest Natural Area to where I live. It is about 4 or 5 miles from our house. I really love to hike Towsley Canyon too. Actually, Towsley Canyon is a prettier area, but it is about 8 miles from us, so I go to Placerita more.

The weather was beautiful this morning. Perfect for a hike. There is still some water in the stream which surprises me because usually by this time of year, the streams here have all dried up. It's nice to still hear the babbling as I hike the trail.

The birds were out this morning and the were singing up a storm. Even heard a few quail off in the distance.

There are still a few wildflowers, but not like there was during the month of March when the hillsides and canyons were covered with so many colorful plants.


  1. Sounds perfect! Trails with streams or waterfalls tend to be my favorites. What a wonderful picture of the butterfly!

  2. Thank you, thank you for taking me on such a gorgeous walk through your world. Is that a kite swallowtail butterfly? He is a beauty. I see why you hike Placerita Canyon often. About wild flowers, I read just recently that Wild Flowers fade fast but Blooming Idiots last forever...I hope they weren't talking bout me? But, could be.
    have a great hiking week

  3. What Dar said made me remember something my grandfather said about us. We were like wild flowers,just blooming idiots. I loved him dearly.

  4. Hi Kay, Looks like you took another beautiful hike. Isn't it great to be hiking and listen to all of the singing birds???? LOVE it...

    Gorgeous butterfly!!!!


  5. Hi Kay,
    What a wonderful place to go hiking, I can see why you enjoy it. The mountains make a beautiful backdrop. Everything around here is totally flat as a pancake.

  6. Your pictures are wonderful and I need to get out there too..
    Thank you for sharing


Thanks for hiking along with me and Hiker.