Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Day In Towsley Canyon

Hiker and I like to hike in Towsley Canyon. We love taking the trail up to The Narrows. It was such a beautiful morning, around 70 degrees when we got there a little after 9:00 am.

It never matters what day we go to Towsley, the parking lot there is always full, even on week days.

Hiker saw two cotton tail rabbits run across the trail ahead of us. She didn't try to go after them, just stood there and watched them, then when we got up to where they had run across, she stopped and sniffed the ground.

Our total hike was about 3 miles which is about our average when we go out.


  1. She is so cute and you sure have become great hiking buddies. It looks a gorgeous day for hiking.

  2. You and Hiker look so cute together, Kay. Three miles is quite a hike. I can't go that far any more so I will just enjoy yours.

  3. Beautiful hike, and that picture of you and hiker, frame it! It's darling!

  4. Kay after reading your generous comment on my post re: Kea I understand your feelings about Hiker after looking at your Header image.
    Always together you two. Our animals are great comfort to us and I have two felines one a bit older than the other an I cannot even think about the thought of losing one of them. God gives us these pets to care for and enjoy for however long that is.
    I have always enjoyed my winter hiatus in the deserts of Arizona because hubby and I enjoyed hiking the trails. This year I have had serious arthritis in knee and hip which limits my trail blazing..sad to say. Have NOT been on one hike yet this visit..have a great week!Anna

  5. The header image of you and Hiker is awesome, Kay. I love how the sunlight is streaming down from above.
    cheers :)


Thanks for hiking along with me and Hiker.