Sunday, February 21, 2010


East Canyon Trail is a nice wide trail in the Santa Clarita Woodlands area. I hiked the Rice Canyon Trail earlier this month which is in the same natural area.

If you do the entire trail, it is approximately 3.5 miles one way, but my friend Sandi and I only went in maybe 1.5 miles before we turned around and headed back out. This is because this trail is a steady uphill climb and us 2 "old ladies" were starting to get tired!

The trail is actually a fire service road, so it is in very good condition.
You will go through several oak groves during your hike and you will see some great views.

I hear there is a Bigcone Douglas Fir forest if you get all the way to the top. We could see some of them from the lower part of the trail, but never made it to the actual forest.

Highlights: Groves of Oak, California Black Walnut and Bigleaf Maple trees. running creek in the wet seasons, pretty meadows and great views. Plus those Bigcone Douglas Firs if you get to the top.

Near: Newhall, CA
Distance: Approx. 7 miles round trip
Hike Time: Approx. 3 to 4 hours
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Trail Condition: Well maintained trail and very well marked.
Hke Type: Out and back

Trailhead: Exit Interstate 5 at Calgrove and proceed south on The Old Road. You will see a small sign on the right indicating the parking area for East/Rice Canyon.


  1. The longest hike I have ever taken, Kay, was NINE miles straight up a mountain and back down. We were trying to get to a fire tower --and made it. BUT--the fire tower was closed and locked and we couldn't go up inside of it... Big disappointment .... I was sore for days after that hike!!!! ha


  2. The longest hike I ever did was a 5.1 mile loop that climbed to an elevation of about 2200 ft. I'm glad I did that hike, but I would never do it again.



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