Thursday, November 17, 2016

Windy, Chilly, Morning Hike

Hiker and I headed up to Vasquez Rocks this morning. We were supposed to meet up with my friend Robyn, but she texted and said that the wind was creating havoc on her sinuses and she didn't feel like going out for a hike.

I had promised Hiker that I'd be taking her up to Vasquez Rocks for a hike. She was stuck to me like glue all morning because she wanted to make sure I didn't leave without her, so I decided that she and I would go ahead and go to the rocks for our hike.

It was windy and a little chilly when we got there, but we headed out anyway.

We had the entire park to ourselves. We only saw two other people climbing around on the main rock. We headed out and I let Hiker lead me by her leash. Sometimes I do that, I let her "walk" me so we end up meandering all over the place.

As we walked I noticed the moon over the rocks to the west.

As the morning went on, the weather warmed up a little, but it remained windy.

After about 35 or 40 minutes, Hiker decided she had hiked enough and she led me back to the car so we could head home.

I think she is out of shape like I am. I noticed I was running out of breath because we have not done much hiking this year. But all in all, we had a nice morning.

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