Thursday, December 26, 2013

Three Hikes

Christmas week of 2013 was beautiful here in Southern California. Our temperatures were in the mid 70s and the was a stiff breeze blowing so the air was crystal clear and the sky was dark blue.

Hiker and I took three hikes during the week.

Our first hike on Monday was at Vasquez rocks:

Our second hike was on Wednesday, Christmas Day when we went to Elsmere Canyon:

Our third hike was on Thursday. This time we hiked in Towsley Canyon:


  1. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, Kay! Love them... thanks for sharing!

  2. yet another thing we are alike in. i love the great outdoors and love hiking, i am not able to walk for more than an hour now, but used to spend half a day hiking. i am 69 and i don't intend to change and i feel so muchbetter knowing there is at least one more like me, even if on the other coast


Thanks for hiking along with me and Hiker.