Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cloudy Morning Hike In Whitney Canyon

It was very cloudy when Hiker and I got up this morning. We drove over to Whitney Canyon to do a 2 mile hike. I as lucky to find a parking place as the lot is normally full on weekends. As we headed up the trail, the clouds seemed to be burning off.

About a half mile up the trail we found a blooming Buckwheat Bush. These blooms turn a dark burnt orange color in the fall. You can see them already started to turn some.

The clouds started to come back again and it became very humid. The deer flies were eating me up.

The brush on the ground has turned brown and is very dry. I remember when I was hiking here last spring, the grasses were so green. The trees are still nice and green though.

A tree had fallen across the trail about a mile up into the canyon. We could have hiked around it if we had gone into the dry brush, but I didn't want to chance there being any snakes or ticks in the brush so we turned around and went back to the car and came home.


  1. We have to wear bug spray just to work in the yard this year... SO many bugs--due to the mild winter and all of the rain... Fun Fun!!!!

    I don't blame you for turning around. Summer is not my favorite time to hike... I do it some --but not too often.

    BUT--I know that Hiker loves going on walks and hikes...

    Have a great week.

  2. These are really gorgeous photos! This looks like a beautiful hike... but snakes? Ummmm....

  3. It looks a great place for a hike and photos. I love the tree silhouette.


Thanks for hiking along with me and Hiker.