Sunday, January 15, 2012

Photo-Op Hike At Vasquez Rocks County Park

After having lunch at the Sweetwater Cafe in Agua Dulce, CA, my friend Linda and I decided to head over to Vasquez Rocks County Park which was only a couple of miles away for a "photo-op hike". My dog Hiker was with us and she loves Vasquez Rocks.

Here is a satellite view of the park.

We decided to hike some trails that we had never photographed before. The weather was clear and beautiful and the sky was dark blue. Hiker was busy exploring everything around her.

This area of the park looks like a "miniature" version of the main area of the park.

There are holes in the rocks like this all over the park. They are caused by the the wind and the rain, plus I'm sure that little animals also dig and burrow into the soft sandstone to create their dens.

Linda inspects the holes after making sure that there was nothing living inside of them.

Here we are....Me, Hiker and Linda.

Looking south toward the main area of the park.

The "big rock" from a different angle.

Directions to Vasquez Rocks County Park:

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park is located near Agua Dulce Springs north of 14 -Palmdale freeway. The park is about midway between Santa Clarita and Palmdale.
Address: 10700 W. Escondido Canyon Road, Agua Dulce
Phone: (661) 268-0840


  1. The rocks remind me of the Mormon rocks in Cajon Pass. Beautiful!

  2. Fabulous rocks!! Lucky there wasn't anything in the holes ...

    Have a great day!

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to take a hike. The rocks are great, the rocks with the holes are neat. Maybe some critter does live there. I love the photos of your "Hiker" and I love dogs. Wonderful post and photos.

  4. This is a great blog that you created. Love your main picture of you and Hiker heading for the sunshine.


Thanks for hiking along with me and Hiker.