Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hiking O'Melveny Park/Bee Canyon - Granada Hills, CA

My brother is visiting me this weekend, so he and I took my dog Hiker over to Granada Hills to a place known as O'Melveny Park/Bee Canyon. I had never hiked this area before so I was interested in this new adventure. This area is part of the Michael D. Antonovich Open Space and connects to the trails in East & Rice Canyons and Towsley Canyon on the Santa Clarita side of the mountains.

The hike starts off from the parking lot at the bottom of O'Melveny park. You can take either the dirt "nature trail" or the paved path that takes you through the middle of the park. We decided to take the nature trail.

This trail and the paved path meet up about 3/4 of a mile in, but then the trail narrows and heads up into the canyon.

We hiked a total of 2 miles this day. If you don't mind the steep climb, you can hike for many miles in this area.

O'Melveny Park is located above Granada Hills in the San Fernando Valley. The park surrounds the Bee Canyon watershed and abuts the Santa Susana mountain range below Oat Mountain. Hiking trails and fire roads invite exploration of this 672-acre park. Outside of Griffith Park, O'Melveny Park is the city's second largest park.

Directions: Take the 118/Ronald Reagan Freeway and exit Balboa Blvd. Turn north, driving 2 miles to Sesnon, turn left going west .6 mile, turn right at park entrance.


  1. I love this park. I spent a lot of my time there as a kid exploring with my dogs. I now run a dog boarding home right behind the park and we go hiking there several times a week with the dogs. Just FYI, watch out for rattlesnakes (and other kinds of snakes) in O'Melveny. We've spotted quite a few over the years. They like to curl up near the railing on the side of the path that leads into the park. What a great name for your dog! Hiker, I like that. =)

  2. Thanks for sharing this info. I hope to go there with my friends who live in area!


Thanks for hiking along with me and Hiker.