Saturday, August 7, 2010

Short Hike In Towsley Canyon With My Brother Keith

Don't care much for summer hiking as it is usually too hot and everything is dry and brown. Like hiking much more in the spring when creeks are flowing, wildflowers are blooming and everything is green.

This morning my brother Keith and I went for a 2 mile hike in in Towsley Canyon.





  1. Nice pictures as always. I think it is so great for you and your brother to be able to hike together.

  2. I just took a short drive to the cabin with My brother...aren't brothers so special...most times. saw some interesting things, a lizard, a cave, cool butterfly, and green even in summer.
    Our creek is wild today with another 2 1/2 inches of rain last night in less than an hour. We sure have been having a wet, humid, hot, hot summer for WI. The A/C is running constant and we are used to it running once or twice a summer. Thanks for taking me on your CA hike.

  3. Hi Kay, Glad your brother was there to hike with you... That was a neat hike ---and that butterfly is gorgeous.... Thanks for taking us along with you on your hike.


  4. Hi Kay...
    I'm working on the Bloggers Over 50 blog roll this morning, and wanting to come over and introduce myself before I go add your fabulous blog to the list of members!! Welcome to our little gathering of bloggers in blogosphere!! I love all the wonderful photos you've shared...and enjoyed the scenery along your hike!!

    If you have any free time, you're always welcome to stop by my personal blog and say hi. It's Hootin' Anni's at

    Loved meeting you. Now, I'll go out to the blog roll and add your blog!!

  5. Nice blog and nice photos! I've added your blog into my Hiking Trails California Directory. So far I've got info mostly for nocal, so please let me know about any socal hiking bloggers who should be added to the directory. Thanks!!

  6. Here is a first draft for Hiking Trails of Los Angeles County on the LA Wiki. I ncourage you to add this Towsley Canyon Trail to the list with a link to your trip report on the blog.

  7. I've added some links about how to edit on the page Hiking Trails - LA Wiki. The wiki hiking pages will grow to become very useful resources as more hikers start adding their knowledge of hiking trails to the wiki. The username and password that a SoCal hiker gets to edit on LA Wiki will work for all of the wiki pages on Hiking Trails in California, so you can use the wiki to help publicize all of your hikes throughout the state. Links from the wiki to hiking reports on your blog will help bring more readers to see what you have written on your blog.

  8. Kay these are great photos! Nice that you and your brother are so close. I used to walk 4 miles a day but I've had to give up walking pretty much...I need both knees replaced and I've refused surgery. This is a very nice blog.


  9. I love going on these hikes with you Kay. The land and plants is so different than what is around here. Which is mostly hills and giant boulders.
    The butterfly is so beautiful.The lizard not so much. LOL!


Thanks for hiking along with me and Hiker.